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Dear visitor,

At Univertaal, we do not only help people to pursue their dreams abroad. We also assist newcomers to our country in finding a job or enrol in a course at the appropriate level, preferably with exemptions from training or examinations that they have already passed at home – assuming, that is, that the Netherlands is your final destination. If not, we will help you take the first bureaucratic steps on your way to yet another country – or home.


Apart from translating or correcting your CV and application letters, we provide certified Dutch translations of official documents like job contracts, certificates, diplomas and academic transcripts. You can use these in this country for any of your applications without further ado. If, on the other hand, you are making plans to move on and build a future for yourself elsewhere, we can provide you with certified translations from any language into any other language.

How much?

Dutch to English and English to Dutch translations we mainly do ourselves. For any jobs that we need to outsource, the price depends on the offers that we receive from our colleagues. Prices differ from language to language, colleague to colleague, and text to text. Based on the cheapest offer, we will send you a free quote – which also includes the date of delivery that goes with the rate.

We preferred to keep this information as short and simple as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us or simply email us your scanned documents to get a free quote.

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Univertaal is het beëdigd vertaalbureau voor onderwijs en wetenschap, studie en beroep. Als enige vertaalbureau in heel Nederland is Univertaal daarbij gespecialiseerd in het vertalen van diploma's.

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Telefoon: 0228-322 333 Adres: Westerstraat 145 1601 AE Enkhuizen Els Spin, beëdigd vertaler Engels Email:

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