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Dear recipient,

You have received a certified translation by Univertaal from one of our clients, and you are now looking for an answer to a question. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. For your convenience we have included the most sought after information below.

Clarification of the Dutch numerical marks

Please find below the clarification of the Dutch numerical marks as used throughout The Netherlands for (educational) assessments:

10 = excellent
9 = very good
8 = good
7 = more than satisfactory
6 = satisfactory
5 = almost satisfactory
4 = unsatisfactory
3 = very unsatisfactory
2 = bad
1 = very bad

Pass mark: 6

Conversion into letter grades

In the Netherlands, certified translators are not allowed to translate or convert any of the marks, grades or scores in official educational documents, as they may not attach any value to the holder’s achievements. If we do include letter grades, it is on your express request. But rather than ‘translate’ the original marks, we will place the corresponding letter grades in an additional column. If your instructions do not specify otherwise, we will only convert the rounded final marks.
The conversion table that we use for this purpose is shown below. Please note that this table is one of many. Therefore, the additional conversion column should be regarded as a helpful tool rather than an exact translation.

Dutch marks Corresponding letter grade
From Through to
8.60 10 A+
8.00 8.59 A
7.70 7.99 A-
7.40 7.69 B+
7.00 7.39 B
6.70 6.99 B-
6.40 6.69 C+
6.00 6.39 C
5.60 5.99 C-
5.40 5.59 D+
4.50 5.39 D
0 4.49 F


Univertaal in een notedop

Univertaal is het beëdigd vertaalbureau voor onderwijs en wetenschap, studie en beroep. Als enige vertaalbureau in heel Nederland is Univertaal daarbij gespecialiseerd in het vertalen van diploma's.

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Telefoon: 0228-322 333 Adres: Westerstraat 145 1601 AE Enkhuizen Els Spin, beëdigd vertaler Engels Email:

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